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    Dear Ms Li Wenzi,

    I am pleased to invite you to the Young Global Leaders Annual Summit 2007, which will take place in Dalian, People&aposs Republic of China on 4-8 September.

    The YGL Summit is the annual opportunity for you to meet with your YGL peers from business, government, civil society, the arts and academia to explore (and shape) the latest development and innovation that will transform our future. Through workshops on the Vision 2030 endeavour and related task forces, our aim is for you to contribute to the global, regional and industry agendas.

    As an exciting innovation this year, the YGL Summit will be held in conjunction with the World Economic Forum&aposs inaugural Annual Meeting of the New Champions. The"New Champions" are the fastest growing companies, the next generation of global leaders, emerging regions, competitive cities and technology pioneers across Asia, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East who are reshaping the global landscape.

    This meeting will be supported by the CEOs of our existing members and partners, who will participate in creating a powerful platform for interaction and cooperation between traditional and new actors. In addition, you will have ample time to meet as Young Global Leaders, and with the New Champions and other political and corporate leaders.

    The programme is structured in the style of Davos, which means informal, personalized and thought provoking.

    To maintain our usual standards of exclusivity and representation, participation is by invitation only. I would be delighted if you could accept this invitation and join us in Dalian.

    Best Regards.

    Klaus Schwab




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